Election 2012 Special

With You in Tough Times

With you on Saving the NHS

Tory-Lib Dem Govt claimed NHS was safe under them, but they are taking it backwards. They are wasting billions on a damaging re-organisation opposed by patients, doctors and nurses. Instead of putting patients first, they are cutting 6,000 nursing posts.







With You on Cutting Crime not Police

Tory-Lib Dems Govt are making 20 per cent cuts ,equating to 16,000 police officers and taking big risks with the safety of our communities. Mahroof voted to support investment in Local Police to save 100 front line police officers, while the Tories and Lib Dems were cutting them. Clifton resident Elaine said 'Crime has gone up by 11 per cent over the last year, yet the Tory-Lib Dems are cutting Police'

  • In the first year of the Tory-led Government 9 out of 10 police officers lost were from the frontline because of the scale of the Government’s cuts.
  • Personal crime, including theft, robbery and violence, has gone up by 11 per cent over the last year - the steepest rise for over a decade.
  • The Tories are ending ASBOs, making it harder for communities to install CCTV and restricting the use of DNA evidence, making it harder to fight crime.
  • The Tory-led Government is spending over £100m on bringing in elected Police and Crime Commissioners, the equivalent of over 3,000 new police constables. Labour would spend this money on keeping police on the beat.
Tory-Lib Dem tax raid on pensioners
Tory-Lib Dem Budget includes £3 billion tax raid on pensioners over the next four years. The freeze in the personal allowance for pensioners will see 4.4 million pensioners who pay income tax losing an average of £83 per year next April. People who turn 65 next year will lose most – up to £322. Rotherham Pensioners Jean & Lance say 'The budget has given to millionaires and taken from pensioners. Tory-Lib Dem Govt are not on our side'




With you on Jobs & Economy

Getting people back to work is the best way to get the deficit down. We’d put jobs first with a five point plan including a tax on bank bonuses to fund 100,000 jobs for young people. We’re calling for national insurance tax breaks for small firms that take on new workers. Local Town Centre Businesswoman Sue from Kuttin Kru says 'I welcome Labour's proposal for Tax breaks for small firms, it would support much needed economic growth'

  • The Tories’ tax rises and spending cuts which go too far and too fast have choked off the recovery and pushed up unemployment. The Tory-led Government is now set to borrow £158 billion more than it planned to pay for economic failure and a bigger benefits bill. High unemployment means more people on the dole and fewer paying tax.
  • More than one million young people are unable to find a job, yet the Tory-led Government scrapped Labour’s successful Future Jobs Fund and their welfare to work programmes are now in chaos.
  • The Tories are giving the banks a tax cut at the same time as waving through irresponsible bonuses in the taxpayer-backed banks. David Cameron’s Government is failing to stand up to the powerful vested interests which got our economy in so much difficulty in the first place and which are now ripping off hard-working families.

With You in Your Area

Local councils are facing cuts which go too far, too fast. These cuts impact on services we all rely on – children’s centres, libraries, social care, street cleaning, road maintenance, and waste collection.

But Labour councillors are fighting to protect frontline services and keep people in work – supporting businesses and local economic recovery. Difficult choices have to be made - all councils are having to find savings - but Labour will make the tough choices to ensure that we can still deliver fairness even when there is less money around.

Labour is deeply rooted in communities and in the needs and priorities of families. We know that people are feeling the squeeze on their standard of living and their finances. That’s why Labour councillors will always stand up for fairness and put your family first.

  • Tory councils cost you more. On average council tax payers in Labour-controlled areas pay less than those in Tory-led areas. Tory councils are making the wrong choices for you and your family – they are making tough times even tougher with policies that are hurting but not working.