Planning Board Site Visit to be Thursday, 23rd February at 9.10am

Boston Castle councillors have objected to the proposed development on the playing fields. We believe local residents have not been fully consulted.

As a result, Councillor Mahroof Hussain made representation at the last planning board meeting on behalf of Councillor McNeely, Wootton, Rotherham East Councillor Maurice Kirk and local residents for a site visit before they make a decision.

The planning board agreed to the visit therefore Local residents will have a chance to directly present their case to the planning board members at the site of the proposed development.

Residents will have the chance to highlight the problems this development will have and how the quality of life will be affected etc.

If you are interested in the Rugby Club proposal please be at the site visit for 9am. Planning Board will be on site for a short while and they will then return to the town hall to discuss the application. If you wish to speak on the application, please contact the planning board administration officer through council switchboard (01709) 382121 and request a ‘Right to Speak’ for the application.


Extract from the Objection letters:

No one is against youngsters playing rugby on the playing fields. In fact councillor's and local resident fully support young people taking part in physical activity at the playing fields no matter which part of the town they come from. The objections are against the proposed size of the development and the knock on effects it will have on the local community. 

The proposed development will clearly have a greater disturbance from more lighting, increased noise and additional traffic for local residents. The proposed 9.30pm finish time in not appropriate so close to local residents. The noise and disturbance will have an impact on young children during school term time. The location in relation to neighbouring properties is not appropriate for reasons stated above.

Utilising alternative site:

The Rugby club would be better served by utilising the Athletics Stadium. It is already fenced off and has flood lighting. The council has a sports development worker serving the stadium and they can work in partnership with the club to engage local residents.

Involvement of Local Schools:

The planning statement ignores how they will engage local residents. Clifton secondary School, Herringthorpe, Broom valley and Sitwell Infants & Junior Schools are very close but the club that claims to serve young people has not stated how they would engage them. Surely a club wanting young people to get engaged would want to work with local schools.

Other technical studies:

Due to the size, scale and proposed location on a playing field there needs to be further studies to ascertain site-specific impact:-

Noise Assessment, Full lighting assessment, playing field/Open Space sssessment, Landscape assessment, Transport/parking provision assessment, Crime impact study

Any planning application that affects a playing field has to be referred to Sport England for comment. It is Sport England’s policy to object to any planning application that will result in the loss of a playing field. There is no reference or evidence in the planning application or the planning statement from the Rugby Club to evidence that Sports England have commented on the application and are happy for planning to be granted.


The Neighbourhood Planning consultation document plan shows that only neighbours on Badsley Moor Lane and Badsley Street were consulted. The consultation should have been more widespread covering other local residents surrounding the development.  The Rugby Club's own figures highlight that 75% of those that were consulted were against the proposal.


Parking plan is not coherent and has no guarantee on what will happen if traffic problems continue. Local residents have put up with Rotherham Titans match day problems for several years and to increase an additional rugby facility next door is unfair and disproportionate to their quality of life.


Although planning permission is not required for fencing, the primary reason why the rugby club wishes to fence off the site is because of dog fouling on the pitches. However, there are football and cricket pitches on the playing field who play without fencing, they seem to cope very well and dog fouling is not a problem. Why is it a problem for rugby club and not other teams?


Councillor Mahroof Hussain

Councillor Peter Wootton

Councillor Rose McNeely

Constant Traffic problems on Boswell Street