Rotherham councillor hits out at planning decision

A Rotherham councillor has hit out after plans for a fast food outlet have been given the go-ahead on appeal despite the local community managing to get the original planning application turned down.

Local Councillor, Mahroof Hussain, has branded the decision by a government planning inspector as ‘a mockery of the Government’s Localism Act.’

This week a government planning inspector gave the go-ahead for the KFC to build an outlet in Canklow, Rotherham - just a short walk from Canklow Woods Primary School. When the KFC put in the application to Rotherham Council, Cllr Hussain together with other local councillors, the NHS, school’s head teacher, governors, pupils and residents, objected to the plans.

After councillors on the planning committee heard the objections, together with the case from KFC, they turned down the planning application, which Cllr Hussain says the community won by ”following the democratic process.”
However,  KFC appealed and this week a government inspector overturned the original decision.

Cllr Hussain said: “This is not a campaign against the KFC or Fast food, its about the location. It is to close to the local primary school and residential housing. It’s an inappropriate location. We are very disappointed with the inspector’s decision. She came from London to make a decision against what the NHS, school, parents, governors, residents and councillor's without regard to their objections. The location is simply not the right one.
“This decision makes a mockery of the government’s new Localism Act, when one individual can come from London and decide what the local community are going to have.  Local people should have a say in what is happening in their local community.”