Councillor trains to be school crossing patrol

Rotherham Cabinet member Mahroof Hussain has been trained as a lollipopman to help provide a vital role to young people in the town.

Training to be a School Crossing Patrol

Mahroof, councillor for Boston Castle ward in Rotherham and Cabinet Member for Young People, spent two days this week working as a school crossing patrol at Thorpe Hesley Primary School.

Mahroof (pictured) is the first of a number of councillors who will train to do the job to help fill in the role across the borough when there is a school crossing patrol off sick or on holiday.

The move is because of a shortage of people wanting to do this important job.

Mahroof said: “People don’t seem to want to do the job because it is only 35 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon. However, this is a vital role in the community. Traffic can be terrible outside primary schools both in the morning and afternoon and it is essential we aide children and their parents to cross the road safely.

“I am now urging Rotherham people to come forward and volunteer to help us provide such an important service for young people in the town.

“The initiative was started by Cllr Roger Stone, Leader of the Council, and I have thoroughly enjoyed training in the role and will enjoy filling in any gaps when necessary.”

Anyone interested in helping provide this vital service should ring Rotherham Council facilities management team on 01709 254027